Social Media Marketing

It takes dedication, hard-work and know-how to get your brands’ content seen on Social Media Platforms. We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge to keep your content fresh and get it noticed using the latest and greatest Social Media Marketing techniques. We can handle all of your paid content strategy and deployment.

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Is it worth it?

Why Social Media Marketing?

Often when faced with the challenge of marketing on Social Media, the question comes up:”Is it worth it?” 

Short answer: Yes. It absolutely is. 

We firmly believe that social media marketing space is under utilised and under priced when compared to traditional media. We also feel that it offers unprecedented levels of targeting and micro niching. You can now reach your target clients easier and cheaper than ever. 

Of course with this new platform comes new rules of engagement as to what works, what draws attention and what doesn’t. Often the best way to find what works for you is to test, test, test. And when you think you have it figured out, test some more. 

That’s where we come in. We don’t claim to know every last detail there is to know about social media, but we are highly driven and love to test different layouts, tweak copy here and there and run split tests with changes all backed up by analytical data from YOUR platforms. All this is done with the aim of maximising ad spend and campaign effectiveness. 

So that’s great and all, but why should we choose Stryx Collective?

Why Stryx?

We're content first

With all of the work that we do, we firmly believe that to be successful on Social Media, a brand needs to have both good, quality content that adds real value to your brands' audience and that you need to be putting out as many pieces of content that you can afford to do. 
We are also very content focused and cannot stress enough how much we prefer to create original, quality content that resonates with your audience over being a disseminator of other people's content (ie: primarily sharing blog posts from other websites).

That is why we create all of the necessary content in house which not only minimises on costs but maximises efficiency and quality of work by giving us total control over the entire process from planning to activation.

We firmly believe that the fastest way to improve your brand is to improve the quality of your content. That's where we can join the team and assist you.

We're mobile

We have no fancy office space or expensive coffee machines whose costs would indirectly be transferred onto you, the client. We are location independent, can meet at any coffee shop of your choice or have a quick meeting over skype in the blink of an eye. No hassle, no worries. Only good content!

We're Local

We are 100% South African based and use only local talent in our bigger projects. So if you want to help support our beautiful country and play a part in ensuring that local stays lekker, you can rest assured we will do everything we can to source local products and resources to help stimulate this beautiful country's economy.

Lekka my bru

Ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to take the next step in your brand’s journey or just want to learn more about what we can offer? Then reach out to us below. We promise that we are all ears and will treat every request with the highest of importance.